• TMR Show - Episode 5 "Grand Finale"

    TMR Show - Last Episode "Grand Finale"

    Before I tell you about the tonight's show I would like to say thank you everybody for letting me be part of the Prime Time 4.0.

    I am very happy to say that what used to be a dream of being in the PT finals has become true, I really appreciate everyone's support through this edition of the PT.

    Tonight sadly is the Last Show, But I AM really happy to announce That Guitman  is going to be tonight as A Special Guest in the Show. There is going to be Also A Weekly music video (Exclusive for the PT) and as I said in my promises I will sing the PT intro song in Russian for you guys.

    So I hope to see you there to be part of last show, it will start at mid night.

    If you want to say good bye to me or simply express what do you think about my participation in Prime Time leave a comment below, I will be really pleased to read it. 

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  • TMR Show - Episode 1: "The journey begins"

    TMR Show - Episode 1: «The journey begins»

    ¡HOLA AMIGOS! This is the first episode of TMR Show and also the first stream of the Prime Time 4.0. Tonight we gonna play some classic games, eat hot chillies, break a few gamepads and much more. Make sure to Check out the Forum to Propose some Russian songs for me to Sing Them Live in the upcoming Shows.
    Thank you for your warm welcome DURING the stream and Presentation and Supporting for me and the Team B for Burritos. ¡ HASTA LA VISTA!

     TMR Show - Episode 1: "The Adventure Begins!"

    ¡HOLA AMIGOS! This is the first episode of TMR Show, as well as the first stream of the project Prime Time 4.0. Tonight we play in some classic games, eat hot chili peppers, destroy several gamepads ... and much more! Take a look at our topic on the forum and ask me to do some Russian songs in future releases! Thank you for the warm welcome during the presentation of entries and for supporting our team - B for Burritos.  ¡ HASTA LA VISTA!

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    Video of the Week :
    Part 01 :
    Part 01 YouTube :
    Part 02 :

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